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what is Payton & Grace?

Our bracelets tell a story. A personal talisman, Handmade with charms and precious stones. from a shooting star, a lucky four leaf clover, a healing stone, every bracelet is a gift, a shield of protection, a source of good vibes. in many different cultures, and throughout history, the red string is worn as a representation of faith, protection, and good luck.

Handcrafted made to order, Red thread, Black thread, and White thread Bracelets. The red thread is symbolic of “ faith, protection, and good luck “ The black thread is symbolic of “ protection, good health, and prosperity “ The white thread is symbolic of “ peace, harmony, good fortune. good health and human warmth and community. Each bracelet can be customized to fit your every need.

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Our Jewelry is handcrafted, made to fit your every need.

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