Baby pick your luck




Handcrafted made to order, Red thread, Black thread, and White thread Bracelets. The red thread is symbolic of “ faith, protection, and good luck “ The black thread is symbolic of “ protection, good health, and prosperity “ The white thread is symbolic of “ peace, harmony, good fortune. good health and human warmth and community. Each bracelet can be customized to fit your every need.

Evil Eye Bead, made of resin and designed to resemble glass. a blend of cobalt and turquoise colors, to bring peace of mind, ward of evil and negativity and cultivate positive vibes.


Evil eye Charm, Made with a ceramic eye, and 24k gold plated. perfect to pair with any stack, with the protection from evil and source of positive vibes.


Open evil eye charm, made of 24k gold and packed with positive vibes and the protection to ward off evil.


Crystal Star charm, perfectly crafted three-dimensional design, with the incredible glow of a swarovski crystal. 


Gold Star, made of 24k gold, that will remind you to shoot for the stars to tackle all challenges life has to offer.


Four leaf clover charm, made of brass, folk traditions say the first leaf represents hope, the second stands for faith, the third for love, and the fourth brings luck. 


Wishbone Charm, made of brass, a symbol of good luck. having luck on your side is always a good thing. who wouldn’t want to make their own luck.


Horse shoe charm, made of brass. and thought to bring protection and luck 


Hamsa charm. made of 18k gold, An amulet symbolizing the hand of god. A protective sign and brings happiness, luck, health and good fortune.


Astrological charms. the astrological signs form a celestial coordinate system. a personalized talisman connecting you to the universe.


Pink Heart. lampworked glass bead, with foil accents. keeping love close a perfect reminder that all we need is a little love. 


Red tassel. made of silk, a representation of your connection to your spirit and your highest truth. 


Letter charms. made of 18k gold. a perfect charm to customize your stack with your initials or someone special.